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  1. I just purchased the BlackBerry Torch 8900.
    OS v6.0.0.141, Platform
    I installed the WordPress for BlackBerry app v1.4
    I self-host WordPress 3.0.1.
    My blog is located at

    I added my blog but there is a white triangle with a red border and an exclamation mark in it next to the title of my blog.

    I double checked the spelling and case of my Username and Password in the Options. I saved it and then hit Refresh. I get the error message "Error while loading blog: Invalid Username or Password."

    I have more than one login on my blog. I have a user log in which I used on previously on my BlackBerry Bold 9700 with this same app. This is the log in that I have been attempting to use and getting an error message. I then decide to enter my admin Username and Password into the Options. Click save and hit Refresh and it goes through fine (no triangle with exclamation point). This is an ok solution for now, but I would prefer to resolve it so that I may use my other Username for posting my blog entries. I only use the admin Username for administration purposes and would like to keep it that way preferably.

    I apologize if this has been covered already. I tried to do a search but couldn't find a post that was an identical problem. Some similar but with no solutions that worked. Thanks.

  2. I am experiencing this very same issue with the BlackBerry 9650 Bold. I've always been able to log in and edit and now all I can do is view.

  3. @susanBBSync -- are you using or self-hosted WordPress?

  4. Daniloercoli: it's a self-hosted WordPress. Any resolution to the issue?

  5. @susanBBSync -- did you delete and re-add your blog within the app?
    Please, could you provide us some info about your server configuration? (WordPress version for instance).

  6. @daniloercoli -- Is there some type of work-around/solution that I can try to resolve the issue? I do not wish to post on my blog using the admin username. AT&T is my carrier. I have deleted and re-added my blog within the app multiple times. I have done battery pulls after insuring that the permissions were all "allow" within my blackberry. The app works fine when I use my blogs admin username, but not with my normal username.

  7. daniloercoli, I did try deleting and readding the blog in the app, deleting and reinstalling the blog. and my BlackBerry is running, I never had an issue til I updated to the most recent wp mobile app for BlackBerry.

  8. daniloercoli, the wp version we use on line is the latest

  9. we have pinpointed the cause of the breakage. Starting from app version 1.4 (1.4.1 included) users that belong to Author, Contributor and Subscriber Roles, can't use the app properly.

    WordPress has five pre-defined Roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. At this moment only Administrators and Editors can use the app without problem.

    You can promote your user to Editor Role.
    Keep in mind that the various elements available to the user are determined by their user level.
    Editor -- Somebody who can publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other people's posts, etc.

    Next app release (1.4.2) solve this issue.

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